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The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well allows you to add up to ten items, outside of the gifts that Mildred&Co already has to offer. Whether you have your heart set on a new sofa, a piece of artwork or perhaps a honeymoon in the tropics, The Wishing Well is a simple and easy way for your guests to contribute money towards the chosen item and in return you will be given the cash to spend at your leisure.

This secure service overcomes the stigma often associated with giving 'cold hard cash' as a wedding gift, while also ensuring you can purchase exactly what you wish for. It also eliminates the risk of misplaced or stolen wishing well envelopes and last minute trips to the ATM. Gift-giving should be as easy as possible.

You can build your own contributions and add your own images, whether it is for a tangible item or an experience of a lifetime. The choice is yours by following these simple steps:


If you have any questions or issues creating your Wishing Well, please contact us.

- No more than 10 items can be added.
- Any additions made to The Wishing Well will be sent to the team at Mildred&Co for approval before they are added to your registry.

The Wishing Well is FREE to set up. Couples will be charged a one-off service fee of $99 at the completion of the registry. This $99 flat fee remains the same no matter how many Wishing Well items you add (the maximum allowed is 10). If no Wishing Well items are purchased, the fee will not be charged. This flat fee of $99 will be deducted from the final amount owed to the couple at the close of their registry. For every monetary contribution made, each guest pays a minor transaction fee of $3.50.