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Our Couples


Emily + Wyatt

We are so happy with our choice to use Mildred & Co as our wedding gift Registry.

We chose Mildred & Co because there is a broad selection of items and brands across so many different categories including New Zealand artists! The experience from start to end was seamless and communication with the team was exceptional. Our guests commented that it was a really easy process for them to use too.  

We highly recommend Mildred & Co.

Photo credit: Micimage Weddings

Rebecca + Nick

We thought long and hard and did a lot of research before deciding on using Mildred&Co for our wedding as we wanted the process to be as simple as possible for our guests.

Mildred&Co had the most amazing product range available as well as the simplicity for our guests. It was a very easy & enjoyable process. Receiving all our gifts after our wedding was such a fun and exciting experience and all the product was as described/imagined.  

Mildred&Co have been delightful to deal with through the whole experience, we would definitely recommend to any couples looking for the perfect registry.

Emma + Sam

We used Mildred & Co because we wanted a gift registry option for guests where we could select a variety of gift ideas from different brands, that guests could either purchase or contribute toward in any amount they liked.
Having lived together for 7 years, we already had the many essentials required for a household, so this was a lovely opportunity to select a few special items that we will treasure and value for years to come!
It’s easy to set up, there is great selection and the communication is fabulous.

Rob + Chloe

Mildred&Co were amazing from start to finish. The registry was quick and simple to set up, the range of quality products to choose from was huge, and their communication was fast and friendly. And to top it off, everything turned up exactly when they said it would, beautifully wrapped with hand written notes on every present.

Photography by Wild & Grace

Jess + James

We are so happy we set up a gift registry with Mildred&Co. 

We chose Mildred&Co because they had curated a beautiful collection of quality products including many New Zealand brands that we love. It was a seamless process, so easy for us and our guests to use, and we had great customer service from the Mildred&Co team.   

Receiving the gifts all perfectly gift wrapped and labelled was so exciting! It was a really fun experience.

Thank you so much to the Mildred&Co team, we absolutely recommend you to anyone with a wedding coming up. x 

Taylor + Mitchell

Mildred&Co is the perfect gift registry for all!
The whole process from beginning to end was really fun and enjoyable for both Mitchell and myself. The whole collection of items are so tasteful and could provide a variety of gift options for our guests. We loved when we received our special gifts, there were individual gift notes from the guests who purchased from the website.
We would highly recommend choosing Mildred&Co for your gift registry, they are not only chic but a fantastic company to communicate with.
Thank you!
Photo Credit: Sophie Isabella

Monika + Angus

Mildred&Co are so great! The set up was really intuitive and made choosing wedding gifts really fun. Their website has so many of our favourite brands to choose from and also has the ability to set up a wishing well if our guests wanted to contribute to our honeymoon. Arranging delivery after the wedding was so easy and they were really accommodating...even opening on a Saturday so we could pick up a gift that was coming from a separate supplier!
We can't recommend Mildred&Co enough! 
Photo Credit: Holly Wallace

Amy + Tyler

Mildred&Co was our first choice of gift registry service for our special day. They have such a beautiful range of items on their site from so many different brands we loved and enjoy in our home. We loved that we could have the flexibility of having a wishing well, if our friends and family wanted to contribute to an experience for our honeymoon. The team were ever so lovely to deal with and we couldn’t have asked for a more streamlined service. 

Photo Credit: Benjamin and Elise

Camille + Sam

Mildred&Co were a dream to work with for our registry. Right from the very beginning they made it incredibly easy from the selection process through to the delivery of the gifts. They have the most fabulous selection of options, catering to suit all price ranges and tastes. 

They also had the option for guests to send a message with their gifts that Mildred&Co hand-wrote which added an extra exciting element when receiving and unwrapping all the presents. The personal touches that they provided were above and beyond.

I would recommend them to anyone looking to make the process hassle free and fun.

Thank you so much Mildred&Co team Xx

Photo Credit: I Do Photography 

Sarah + Harry

After researching various platforms and functionalities in order to allow guests to contribute to a commissioned piece of art as our wedding gift, we landed on Mildred&Co.
They made the process seamless for us as well as our guests. Guests were able to write messages to go alongside their contributions which made it more personal and we received all of these, handwritten, along with a breakdown of the contributions which were transferred into our designated bank account within a few days.
We would highly recommend Mildred&Co for anyone doing something similar.
Photo Credit: Danelle Bohane


We loved how easy it was to pull together a comprehensive registry with Mildred&Co. The well curated selections helped us avoid decision fatigue, and meant our loved ones had some beautiful options to choose from. While many of our guests preferred to contribute to our future honeymoon through the wish list feature, a few went with tangible items from our registry - we just made pasta from scratch last weekend, using some of these wedding gifts!
On a practical note, the detailed list of who gave what that arrived in the shipment is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to writing thank you cards!
I really appreciated the fast, personal communication. (We had another registry with a similar New Zealand website and have had serious issues contacting them about problems.)
Thank you so much!

Anna + Sunil

We loved the flexibility that a Mildred&Co registry offered our guests. Cash gifts are customary at Hindu weddings, and while some guests opted for that, it was great to be able to offer the security and convenience of an electronic registry. Our registry featured a combination of homeware items from Mildred&Co’s store as well as Wish List items.

Using Mildred&Co’s Wish List feature, many of our guests elected to contribute to various components of our Sri Lankan honeymoon: luxury accommodation, five star dining experiences, spa for 2, whale watching, leopard-spotting safari, or hiking in the hill country.

The team at Mildred&Co were super-communicative and made the experience straightforward from start to finish. We would recommend to any other couples who are looking for flexibility and simplicity! 

Sarah + Neville

Having had a few friends use Mildred&Co for their weddings, I knew this was the registry for us. 
The team at Mildred&Co started the ball rolling for us with cute "registry inserts" which we enclosed with our invites, this made it a seamless process for our guests to jump online and purchase a gift prior to our wedding day. The gift options were so varied, and with a range of different price points, it meant each guest could purchase a gift within a manageable budget. We also had the option of receiving vouchers which meant after the wedding day we could assess what we really needed and purchase it on behalf of our guests.
Christmas arrived early after our honeymoon when we received boxes of beautifully wrapped gifts with personalised messages from our guests, we were able to relive the excitement of the wedding all over again. 
If we were to go back & do it all again, Mildred&Co would still be by number one choice. Thank you to the team who take the hassle of wedding registries and turn it into a fun & exciting process. 
Photo credit: Bek Smith

Zoe + Dan

We knew we wanted to use Mildred&Co as soon as we were engaged, as it had the option of traditional registry gifts and a Wish List for contributions towards our dream Jamaican honeymoon.

The entire process was so smooth, from selecting our registry items to guests choosing gifts. It was also simple enough for some of our older, less online savvy guests. It was great having such a wide variety of things from some of our favourite stores to choose from, as well as options for various budgets.

Following the wedding it was super easy to receive our Wish List contributions in time for our honeymoon, and organise to have the physical gifts sent a few weeks later when we returned. Opening these and reading the notes from our loved ones really helped extend the excitement of such a special moment.

Photo by Anna Kidman

Amy + Scott

We moved in together when we got married, so we were basically setting up a house from scratch! We needed just about everything. Registering with Mildred&Co meant we could could opt for a huge range of high quality gifts that friends & family could contribute to.

But what really stuck out for us were the details - the team are unbelievably responsive, the packaging was super environmentally friendly and reading all the cards from our friends & family was so special. (Not to mention thank you cards were a breeze!)

Thank you so much to the whole team, our registry has truly felt like the gift that keeps on giving!

Amy & Scott

Photo by Poppy Moss Photography

Kim + Vaughan

Choosing to go with Mildred&Co for our wedding registry was one of the easiest decisions we made during our wedding planning.The team at Mildred&Co made it so simple for us to choose our gifts and I loved that we could update our registry along the way if there were other items we needed or ones we wanted to remove.

We also loved having the ability to add a “wishing well” for our honeymoon to our registry. This made it so easy for guests to put money in there via online banking.

All the team at Mildred&Co were so helpful and friendly and always answered our questions promptly.

Having the gifts turn up while we were on honeymoon meant that the celebrations continued after we got home and the little cards the guests left with their gifts were a lovely touch.

Thank you Mildred&Co for helping to make our wedding day the best day ever.

Photo by Sweet Events Photography

Sarah + Jono

We had an amazing experience coordinating our gift registry through Mildred&Co. The team at Mildred&Co were accommodating, friendly and responded to all of our questions immediately. The range of gifts is great - there are options to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Thanks in part to our decision to use Mildred&Co to manage our registry for us, the planning of our wedding was stress-free and it meant we could relax and enjoy our day. The fun continued after the wedding when all of the gifts arrived on our doorstep, beautifully wrapped. We were so pleased that the packaging they use was recyclable/compostable. 

Our guests also thanked us for making the process so easy, even the technologically challenged were able to access the registry and select a gift. 

Thanks again! 

Sarah and Jono

Photo by Lovelight Photography

Tamsin + Leighton

Dear Mildred&Co Team,

Thank you so much for your amazing help with creating our wedding gift registry.

Having just bought a house and with so many International guests attending our wedding we wanted to make it super easy for them to choose us the perfect gift without any pressure. Choosing all the presents was so much fun! The best online shopping experience ever and your website is so user-friendly. As we were linking to it from our wedding website it was nice that it is so tasteful and thoughtfully put together, it was completely in-keeping with the feel of the rest of our wedding communications.

The variety of high quality gifts is just amazing. So many of our favourite kitchen and home-ware brands were represented and we were able to choose an incredible selection of practical, not so practical, unique and special goodies that we so looked forward to receiving after the big day. Our guests found the site very easy to order from and appreciated the ability to choose something that they knew we would love and fitted each of their budgets.

Receiving the presents when we got back from honeymoon was like Christmas!! Everything was so beautifully wrapped with lovely hand-written cards - you put it all together with so much care. The small touches of the bottle of bubbles to enjoy while we opened them and a small gift from the Mildred team were both unexpected and amazing. There were a couple of gifts that were a bit delayed and came in a slightly later which you handled brilliantly and to be honest, it was just a second evening of Christmas time - we felt like the joy of our wedding day was pro-longed even further!

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service that made an element of our day and the planning so easy. We will be recommending it to all our friends and I'm not sure I will be able to stop shopping with you! 

With very best wishes,

Tamsin and Leighton Henshaw x 

Sally + William

Having a wedding registry was a great decision for us and we loved the experience with Mildred&Co. They have such a great selection of products and we ended up with a beautiful selection of gifts to suit all budgets. Getting the gifts two weeks after the wedding meant that the celebrations kept on going and it was an absolute pleasure to read through the beautiful notes that were included from our guests. 

We also loved that Mildred&Co allowed us to opt-out of having our gifts wrapped and their packaging is eco-friendly. As environmentally concious consumers, this was really important to us and a lovely touch. We recieved a helpful spreadsheet that had all of our guests addresses and what they purchased, which made the thank-you card writing process so much easier. 

The customer service with Mildred&Co was exceptional with quick and helpful responses to any queries. No request was too big and they were incredibly flexible. 

Thank you so much to the whole team at Mildred&Co. 

Sally & William

Photo by John Fowler

Sophie + Sam

We chose to have a private registry, as I didn't feel hugely comfortable with requesting certain gifts - however Mildred&Co completely changed my mind on the process.

From the very beginning, right through to delivery of our gifts, it all felt very personal (especially with an individual card from each of our friends). It was so great to have something to look forward too after all the wedding celebrations were slowing down!

Thank-you so much - Sam and I are stoked.

Sophie + Sam xx

Photo by Micimage Wedding Photography

Anna + Duncan

Thank you so much Mildred&Co!  Getting to ‘Shop’ (my favourite pastime) for the registry was awesome and being able to have both the Wishing Well/honeymoon fund option as well as a gift registry was perfect for us!  

I didn’t predict the excitement I felt about getting all the presents a fortnight after the wedding – it felt like we were still right in the thick of the wedding bubble long after the actual day!

I would (and have) recommended Mildred&Co to everyone, so effortless dealing with the M&C team and they were always so happy and enthusiastic towards us – made our experience so easy and fun! 

Anna & Duncan x

Phillipa + Don

Don & I didn’t even need to think about options for who we would have our registry with, as soon as we got engaged it was one of our first and easiest decisions to register with Mildred & Co. For us, they provided the perfect combination of everything we could want to enhance our home and lifestyle. 

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect in so many ways and such a wonderful way to finish the celebration with all of our amazing presents so beautifully wrapped. 

Just wish we could do it all again!

Don & Philly xx

Jacqui + Paddy

Creating a way to tastefully provide our guests with a honeymoon ‘wish list’ was really important to us. We wanted to find a way where our guests felt they could contribute to specific items (e.g. flights to Fiji, a nights accommodation) and where their contribution value was kept confidential.  

Mildred & Co were the perfect platform for us. The team were helpful in the setup, honoured our wish of keeping contribution amounts confidential, and beautifully hand wrote each card.

Thank you so much for contributing to the overall success of our wedding.

Jacqui and Paddy

Sarah + Brad

We were so happy with our gift registry at Mildred&Co because it meant our guests had a range of gifts to choose from to suit all budgets.

We were given things we absolutely loved, that suited our style and we didn't have to worry about double ups or exchanges! Everything was beautiful and of such high quality.

The presents came beautifully wrapped with cute hand written notes. The registry was so easy to set up and their customer service was great, they even sent out some items early which were purchased for our engagement party.

Thanks for everything Mildred & Co! xx

Samantha + Liam

Mildred&Co were an easy choice from the start, the gift selection seemed far superior to other registry services we'd browsed at, and the best part was how easy they made it for both us and our guests.

Having a registry with Mildred&Co meant our guests didn't have to carry gifts over to our wedding on Waiheke Island, and also saved us from then carrying them back home!

Our gifts were wrapped beautifully and it was so exciting opening them all. The included list of who bought which gift including their postal address for thank you's made things even easier.

Thanks Mildred&Co! xx

Amber + Kirk

Mildred&Co proved to be a fantastic choice for our wedding registry. The website itself was so simple and easy to use and the lovely ladies behind the scenes were incredibly responsive and helpful throughout.

Thanks Mildred&Co!

Amber & Kirk xx

Tori + Lindon

Mildred&Co made it so easy to accommodate all the needs of our guests, from those wanting to buy us a physical present to those who would rather just give us money. With so many great products to choose from, the hardest part was getting our gift number down, everything else was just so simple and easy.

We loved receiving the gifts all wrapped and labelled, made it feel like Christmas. Getting the list of who gave us what was a great addition. We will be recommending Mildred&Co to all our friends who are yet to be married. 

Thanks you for being a part of our special day! 

Photo by O'Neill Photographics

Jess + Neville

Mildred&Co were an absolute treat to deal with. When there were so many wedding things to organise it really made such a difference as nothing was a problem and everyone was so lovely.

Indiana + Simeon

Mildred&Co were amazing to work with on our gift registry. The website contains a great range of products and it was so simple to select what wedding gifts we wanted to add to our registry.

So many of our guests were from out of Auckland, so knowing that Mildred&Co would ship all the gifts to us post wedding day, without guests having to bring them to the reception, was so helpful.

When the gifts arrived, we loved unwrapping each beautifully wrapped present and reading the handwritten notes. Thank you so much Mildred&Co!

Photo by Frank and Peggy Photography

Céline + Dean

Mildred&Co were a dream to work with for our gift registry! The whole process was super easy for both us and our family and friends, with a very user-friendly website. It also saved the hassle of them bringing gifts down to Matarangi, and us bringing them back to Auckland!

The range of products to choose from was second to none, and its so special to have these pieces  in our home now.

It was so exciting to receive our gifts and read all of the hand written notes from each person. The attention to detail was incredible, I almost didn’t want to open the gifts up they looked so beautiful in their wrapping and black ribbons. The detailed spreadsheet was an added bonus, making writing our Thank You cards a much simpler process!
Thanks team xx

Photo by I Do Photography

Erica + Hemi

Mildred&Co was the perfect choice for our wedding registry. We weren't limited to items from one particular store or brand, and the option for guests to contribute to one item was great. The 'wish list' feature was particularly helpful, as it allowed us to source items from outside the website, as well as set up our honeymoon fund. Mildred&Co gave us the flexibility we wanted for our guests. Being able to customise our registry page meant that our registry was personal, which was important. We also loved the modern and interesting range of categories for gifts, especially the 'art' and 'books' section, which we couldn't find elsewhere.

We dealt with Georgia, who was so helpful and lovely throughout the process. The gifts were delivered in beautiful gift wrap and with handwritten cards from the guests which was a lovely touch. A list with the names and addresses of those who purchased from the registry, with their corresponding gift, was also included in the delivery. The whole process with Mildred&Co is organised and seamless. Highly recommended!

Annabel + Jesse

Mildred&Co was an excellent choice for our wedding registry. Not only are guests able to purchase from an array of beautiful gifts, but there is also the option for guests to contribute towards gifts not on the list- in our case, a Honeymoon Fund. The site was easy to navigate, and so convenient  for guests travelling from around New Zealand and overseas.

The Mildred&Co team were also a dream to deal with. They were responsive, friendly and went over and beyond to make the process an easy one. We can’t recommend Mildred&Co highly enough!
Annabel & Jesse

Photo by Anna Kidman Photography

Vicki + Hamish

We are so happy that we chose Mildred&Co for our gift registry. They had such a range of gifts to choose from and the gifts we received are all true to their description and photo.

I was so impressed with the way they were all perfectly packaged and that they each had a ribbon and gift tag on them with who they were from.

From start to finish Mildred&Co have been amazing with their communication. We would definitely recommend Mildred&Co to anyone.


Becs + Mike

Wow! So blown away by our experience with Mildred&Co. Thank you all so much. Incredible customer service, amazing selection of registry goodies plus we could add in a couple of our own.

All of our gifts arrived beautifully wrapped and with hand written notes from all our guests. Such a special touch. We loved the whole experience and will be definitely recommend you to all of our friends getting married.

Thanks again x

Jenni + James

Mildred&Co offered us service that was second to none! They enabled us to give our guests the option of contributing to our honeymoon or choosing a perfect gift from our registry. The gifts arrived beautifully wrapped and the whole process was made even more special by the personal touches from the Mildred&Co team. I would highly recommend to all couples wanting a stress free personalized experience when planning their big day!

Thanks team! xx

Casey + Matt

Mildred&Co were such an easy choice when deciding on what gift registry we were going to use. Not only did we love what products they had to offer but we loved that we were able to incorporate our 'honeymoon' fund as an option for any of our guests to contribute to.

The process was simple from start to finish, with our gifts arriving wrapped beautifully with hand written notes attached after our wedding. So exciting!

I dealt directly with Georgia whenever I needed to throughout our process and her customer service was flawless.

Thank you to the entire Mildred & Co team we couldn't recommend you more highly. x

Amy + Michael

When deciding what registry to use for our wedding it was a very easy decision considering how easy Mildred&Co were to deal with. The website was simple to use and the products they sell are both beautiful and quality - which we love.

Another thing we appreciated is that all the presents came immaculately wrapped with cards which made everything seamless.

Thanks again Mildred&Co

Mr + Mrs Williams

Taryn + Toby

We just wanted to thank you so much for all the help with our registry. You made the whole process from start to finish an absolute breeze, both for us and our guests.

Our gifts are beautiful, high quality items that we will have for years to come, and the option of the honeymoon registry was awesome, we had feedback that it was so easy for people to buy gifts or contribute to our honeymoon. 

Cheers, the new Mr & Mrs Lynn

Jess + Cam

Using Mildred&Co for our gift registry was an obvious choice. Not only was the selection excellent, we could add products from other stores that we had our hearts set on. 

When the gifts arrived, they were wrapped immaculately with a tag corresponding to each guest. The inclusion of the full gift list (which even had guests addresses!) meant that we could open our presents with our family and bubbles in hand and not have to stress about writing down which gift was from whom. Too easy!

We would highly recommend Mildred&Co to all of our friends.

Anna + Riaan

One of the easiest decisions we made leading up to our wedding, was to use Mildred&Co for our gift registry. Riaan and I couldn't have been happier with the entire experience.

Mildred&Co offer such a beautiful assortment of gift ideas, from so many brands that we love. The whole process was very simple, the service outstanding, and follow up communication second to none. Thank you so much.

Anna & Riaan x

Alyssa + Mike

Mildred&Co were an excellent choice for our wedding registry. While we loved the range of products that they had available, what really made us happy was the level of customer service given to us after the wedding.
The team maintained a great level of communication with us about the status of our orders – and when things went wrong (like a supplier falling through), Georgia found alternative options and allowed us (or rather, the guests) to be able to give us what they wanted. We were exceptionally happy with how any bumps along the road were managed.
The team was fantastic to deal with – and we will (and have) be recommending Mildred&Co to our friends.
We are stoked with every single item we’ve received – so thank you Georgia and team!

Kirstie + Jack

Working with Mildred&Co has been the most stress free and easy experience! All our guests loved that we had this option available and also found it super straight forward and easy to use!  We couldn’t recommend them more.  Communication where necessary was amazing. The packaging of all the gifts was also beautiful - it really is so exciting getting a box full of presents a week or so after your wedding!

Renee + Michael

Thank you very much to the team at Mildred&Co - working with you has been a dream. What attracted us initially to Mildred&Co was the that the registry was all online – rather than a physical store. There were so many beautiful items to select from as well as the option to have guests contribute to a gift that wasn’t on the registry – in our case, a honeymoon fund. The site is also very user friendly which was a bonus!

 After the wedding itself, Georgia got in touch with us to sort delivery of our gifts and she was absolutely lovely to deal with. When the gifts were delivered they were beautifully wrapped, and there was also hand-written cards with messages from the guests. It was a lovely experience dealing with Mildred&Co from start to finish and we would recommend them to all of our friends & family.

Catherine + Rob

We were so happy to find Mildred&Co after searching online and finding most other registry services just didn't do it for us. We purposely kept our list small, as we had a mid-week wedding and valued our guests' presence over presents. However, for those guests who asked, we were able to send a link to a beautiful selection of timeless items, which we were so happy to receive in gorgeous packaging with handwritten notes.

The selection really is great - and helpfully categorised. The Mildred&Co service obviously works perfectly for registries both big and small. Thank you!

Richard + Sally

With a complicated large wedding planned on Great Barrier Island, we wanted the gift registry process to be as easy as possible, and not to burden our guests with presents that we'd then have to arrange to get home. Mildred&Co provided an easy-to-use website (with lots of amazing stuff) that we could share with everyone and the furniture fund option was a popular choice, much to our gratitude.

After the big day we heard from the team and they arranged for the delivery of items with some personal touches from everyone, and extended the buzz from the wedding for a few more weeks! We have recommended the Mildred&Co service to everyone for exactly that - the service.

Thanks very much guys,

Rich & Sal x

Genevieve + Philip

Thank you so much to the lovely team at Mildred&Co. We were recommended Mildred&Co by close friends and we couldn't be happier.

The process was so simple from start to finish, and it was really easy for our guests to just go online to purchase a gift. We were able to select so many beautiful things for our home and when it came to receiving them we were like 2 kids on Christmas morning. The hand written cards, beautiful wrapping and bottle of bubbles was such a nice touch!
We couldn’t recommend Mildred&Co more highly.

Shelby + Callum

There were so many things that drew us to using Mildred&Co for our wedding registry. The ability to have wishlist items added (this helped us gather contributions for our honeymoon), the 'contribute towards' feature for more expensive items and the huge range of beautiful products stocked by Mildred&Co. We loved that we could personalise our registry page and could add and remove things right up to our wedding day!

Georgia was an absolute gem helping sort the delivery of our gifts, which were so beautifully wrapped (loving the eco friendly packaging too guys!!). We have already recommended you guys to friends and will keep doing so.

Thanks team!

Shelby & Callum x

Jen + Kane

Mildred&Co were a dream to deal with from start to finish. For us we wanted the option to have both monetary contributions towards our honeymoon, but also a beautiful selection of gifts for those of our guests who preferred to give us something tangible.

Mildred&Co's website is simple and tasteful, and their service includes registry inserts which we would could send out with our invites. You also have the option to have your gifts wrapped, or, to save on packaging, unwrapped. The final icing of the cake of Mildred&Co's service was the individual, personalised gift cards which came with our gifts! Such a nice touch and we couldn't recommend them enough.

xx Jen and Kane

Cam + Stu

What a great service the team at Mildred&Co provide. Our registry was super easy to set up, the products are great, and we were able to set up a honeymoon fund too. We were really impressed with the communication throughout the process, and when the gifts arrived we loved the individual gift wrapping, tags, and handwritten notes. Thanks team!

Jacquie + James

There were so many things that stood out to us about Mildred&Co when picking a gift registry; the wide selection of beautiful gifts, the fact that it was fully online which made it super easy (you don’t need to go into a store), the fact that guests can contribute towards gifts, you can add your own gifts to the registry that aren’t already on there and their reputation of being so lovely to deal with.

We couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. The staff really went over and beyond and made the process so easy. We couldn’t recommend Mildred&Co more highly.
Jacquie and Ji Fraser xx

Josie + Jeff

When choosing our registry there was no competition when it came to selecting Mildred&Co. To find someone that had both options to either contribute towards our 'Honeymoon Fund' or to select a physical gift was most important to us to make it as convenient and easy for our guests as possible, so this one-stop-shop was perfect!

From setting up our registry to the final delivery, the service was fast, efficient and so pleasant to deal with.

I couldn't recommend Mildred&Co enough.

Love Josie + Jeff Wiley x

Maxine + Luke

When it came time to decide what we wanted to do for our wedding gifts, Mildred&Co were always going to be our first port of call.

The ability to have two options, one being our 'White Picket Fence Fund' for monetary contributions towards our renovations, and the other being able to choose beautiful pieces that would take pride of place in our first home, was invaluable.

The service, communications, and attention to detail by everyone at Mildred&Co was second to none. The entire experience was enjoyable and stress-free - if only all parts of wedding planning could be the same!

Thank you Mildred&Co - we couldn't recommend your services highly enough xx

Anna + Michael

Mildred&Co are great! The quality of the goods they stock is fantastic and their customer service is exceptional. A particular favourite was the little touches such as the wrapping, cards and lovely bottle of bubbles which was completely unexpected. I can’t fault their communication and dedication to making sure you feel very special as a newly married couple. We would highly recommend their service.

Abby + Jonathan

It was such a pleasure to use Mildred&Co for our wedding. The ease of communication and the wonderful choices available made the process of gift giving so smooth and carefree for us. Having had the honor to once wrap others gifts and work at Mildred&Co myself, I know how much care and attention the lovely team and Milly put into every little detail.

Such a blessing to know both we and our guests were in good hands. Mildred&Co's amazing range of beautiful homeware and the ability to add your own choices meant we could start our life together in style. We cannot thank the team enough for all the amazing work they do!

Sam + Michael

We were recommended Mildred&Co from our friends who had recently got married, so we had high expectations based on their amazing feedback. We were certainly not disappointed! The website is so easy to use and to navigate and we were able to add and remove items from our registry right up to our wedding which was amazing. The products supplied had a great range in prices, style and character and our guests commented on the great choices available too.

Everyone at Mildred&Co communicated so well with us throughout the year and were so friendly and helpful. We have just received our gifts and they were wrapped so beautifully, it was like Christmas!

We certainly recommend Mildred&Co and will definitely be using it again for other events.

Thanks Mildred&Co!

Deanna + Sheldon

We didn't need to look much further than Mildred&Co when we were setting up our registry. There was a good range of brands that we were looking for. The flexibility, to add/remove and also pay all or contribute to an item made things super easy for the broad age group we had.

Contact from the team was great, with every answer being answered promptly. It was such a treat to unwrap the gifts when they arrived on our planned date, including a bottle of champagne from the Mildred&Co team.

Charlotte + Marcus

We had such a great time opening all of our wonderful gifts. Using Mildred&Co was just perfect, especially having the ability to add a few items via the wish list as well as contributing to gifts. The ease of knowing the gifts were all sorted and delivered once we got back from our honeymoon was fantastic and one less thing for us to worry about. We also had a number of people comment on how great the gift registry was and how easy it was to use. Thank you so much for the bottle of wine also - such a nice added surprise!

Toni + Josh

Thank you so much to Mildred&Co for all our gifts, the bottle of bubbles and our voucher.  It made it so easy for us and I love that I have all the addresses to send out thank you cards.  I love showing our friends and family all our pressies when they come over.  Our home is looking so much nicer/cooler - thank you to Bayley and the Mildred&Co team xx

Miriam + Michael

We got married on beautiful Waiheke island and rather than ask our guests to traverse the Hauraki Gulf with presents in tow, using Mildred&Co meant that all our gifts were delivered to us after the event with no fuss.

We found it an absolute pleasure putting together our curated selection of gifts, there was so much to choose from and a wide variety of price points. We were also able to add an option for guests to contribute money rather than a specific gift, this feature made Mildred&Co stand out from the other online registries which we looked at.

Bayley and the team were wonderful, we could't recommend them more.

Rita + Sean

We got married on a beautiful rainy winter day in Kumeu. Sean and I searched through many options for our gift registry but nothing seemed to fit our needs perfectly. As our guests were mostly younger folk, we wanted to make sure the gift choices were both varied and reasonable. When we found Mildred&Co, we immediately fell in love with the unique listings which we could already envisage in our lovely home.

We would like to say a big thank you to Bayley and the Mildred&Co team. The gifts were individually wrapped and came with cute little tags and personal cards from our thoughtful guests. We would certainly recommend Mildred&Co to other couples. A stress free experience with a great selection of gifts and with amazing customer service to boot!

Paganne + Robin

Mildred&Co was the perfect choice for creating our wedding registry. Thank you for your service and making the process so smooth and easy! We had an incredible day at our destination wedding in the Hawkes Bay. Because everyone was travelling from all over (us included) it was so helpful for us all to have the gifts delivered after the wedding. It also added to the excitement following the big day - we couldn't get over how generous everyone was. Both of us can be quite specific with the style of our home but the selection that Mildred&Co had available appealed to our tastes and removed any guesswork for our guests. We now have a home filled with beautiful objects that will stand as wonderful reminders of such a special time in our lives.

Katie + Matt

We got married in Wanaka at winter time. Both of us were unsure whether or not to have a registry for our wedding.  In the end we decided to use Mildred&Co due to them stocking a lot of gifts we loved and a great range of prices.  Our guests found it really easy to use and we were very spoilt! It was a great end to our honeymoon, having all our beautiful presents to unwrap. We would happily recommend Mildred&Co to any future friends or family getting married.

Sarah + Andy

Andy and I were married on a hot summers day in Auckland at a beautiful private estate in Silverdale. We wanted a wedding registry that offered quality, timeless and unique gifts that made the process easy for our guests. We loved the flexibility that Mildred&Co offered along with it's extensive range of products, complemented by the user friendly and tastefully refined website with the added ability to make our registry unique with a photo and message for our guests. Being able to include more high value items that guests could contribute towards was what won us over with Mildred&Co. The hardest part was selecting from the incredible range of gifts!

Thank you so much to Bayley and the girls at Mildred&Co for everything that you did for us from the impeccable service and to the beautifully wrapped gifts and handwritten notes from our guests. We can't recommend Mildred&Co enough! xx

Rosie + Darren

As with many couples, we did a lot of research into possible wedding registries and really found that Mildred&Co was the best out there. The selection of gifts was exactly what we were looking for and the website was easy to use.

What certainly did not go unnoticed was the brilliant service by everyone at Mildred&Co. We had a few delays with delivery of some of the gifts and the team kept us updated about what was happening with these on a very regular basis. Furthermore, we have since used a voucher we had for the store and the team went above and beyond to source a specific product for us.

Organising a wedding seems to be consuming enough so it really was great to have such an easy registry that was one less thing to have to think about. We couldn't recommend them more highly.

Bailey + Te Miri

We came across Mildred&Co after an online search for a gift registry.  We prefer using services based on recommendations however the website looked slick, the products were beautiful and the early communication was fantastic!  We totally lucked out!

Thank you so much to Bayley and the team for their excellent service and attention to detail.  Receiving our gifts after returning from our honeymoon was so exciting!  The gifts are wrapped beautifully and come with handwritten notes from our guests.

The hardest part was choosing what items to put on the register - everything is so good!

We would highly recommend them to others!  Thank you x

Kate + Dan

Mildred&Co came highly recommended by friends and our florist. We would both unreservedly recommend Mildred&Co to other couples looking for a stress-free and efficient process. The selection of items available is fantastic. All the gifts came expertly wrapped so it was exciting receiving the delivery after the wedding and opening each parcel. An extra handy inclusion was a list of all gifts received and who they had come from, making writing thank-you notes easy.

Jenny + Tola

Tola and I got married on the 18th December 2015 at Wallaceville in Wellington. We decided to set up a gift registry to make it easier for our guests, aswell as being a way for our guests to help us build our home. The most exciting part was when all the gifts arrived. Every gift was wrapped individually, with lovely messages attached. The whole process was easy and stress free and I would definitely recommend the Mildred&CO team to anyone with an up and coming wedding.

Laura + Scott

Scott and I married where it all began on Waiheke Island on a very hot January day! We chose Mildred&Co as we had another couple who suggested it for our registry. We were looking for the flexibility of being able to offer our guests the choice of buying an item we needed, or being able to contribute to our honeymoon. The entire experience and process was easy and enjoyable. We loved dealing with Bayley and the team at Mildred&Co from the moment we set up the registry right through to delivery.

Reflecting we are so happy we got to go on our dream honeymoon with some additional help from guests and also have a section of gifts from we can use every day and know who they were from. We were really happy with the service and would highly recommend Mildred&Co to any of our friends.

Rosalie + Anthony

Mildred&Co came highly recommended by friends and I am now doing the same! They have a beautiful selection of gifts to choose from, but we were also impressed by their communication, professionalism and willingness to make the experience happy and easy. A very stylish and slick service - thankyou!

Carrie + Ryan

We got married in the sunny Hawkes bay with guests flying in from all around the world. The only thing we or our guests didn't need to worry about was our registry. We set up our Mildred&Co gift list, linked it to our website and the next thing we knew, we were returning from our honeymoon to our gifts (that we had chosen and actually wanted)! We could not recommend Mildred&Co highly enough. Great choices, quality items and great service.

Kate + Nick

Nick and I got married on a beautiful February day in Auckland. We were recommended Mildred&Co by a close friend, and we couldn't have been happier! We were able to choose gifts we both loved, as well as creating a fund for our honeymoon. It was so easy and stress free, and the team were so lovely to deal with. We would highly recommend any couple getting married to choose Mildred&Co for their gift registry.

Toni + Michael

We couldn't be happier with our decision to use Mildred&Co for our wedding registry - the quality of the gifts were amazing and the service was perfect. Receiving our beautifully wrapped gifts was the perfect to end our honeymoon. Mildred&Co made our life so much easier and we couldn't recommend them more highly.

Sandrine + Nick

As we got married in South Africa and had friends and family coming from different part of the World, we found the Mildred&Co online gift registry services a perfect compromise for guests to choose gifts online which we could pick up in Auckland on our way back to Samoa. The service we received was very friendly, professional and accommodating of our particular needs. Thanks again Mildred&Co!

Lauren + Chris

For our wedding we wanted a registry service which would be really easy and user friendly for our guests. We had so many lovely comments from friends and family who used the Mildred&Co website about how straight forward it was to use and it also saved them so much time! The gifts were absolutely gorgeous and the packaging was immaculate with lovely handwritten notes. Thank you for all your time and effort Mildred&Co - Chris and I would highly recommend this service to anyone tying the knot!

Sabine + Gary

Thank you so much to the lovely team at Mildred&Co for your excellent service and expertise, for your quick and helpful replies and for your wonderful attention to detail.
We chose Mildred&Co as our gift registry as it provides both the option to select gifts and to contribute towards a bigger item via the Wish List. Sabine is originally from Germany, and as her family wasn’t able to come to New Zealand for our wedding, we decided to make a second wedding celebration in Germany our Wish List item.
We knew that not all guests would want to give money so we also selected a few gorgeous presents which were delivered after the wedding and which we are very happy with.
The Mildred&Co website is very beautifully and tastefully presented. It is easy to navigate and offers a lot of additional information and contact details for florists, jewellers, cake makers etc. which we found very helpful!!
Mildred&Co have been an absolute pleasure to deal with!! Thank you VERY much!! xx

Emma + James

We loved our experience with Mildred&Co, it was really easy to create a list and simple for friends and family to access from overseas. Everything arrived perfectly, individually wrapped and labelled with a detailed packing slip included. A late present after the date was also accommodated for and when the colour we had chosen wasn't available Bayley was great at checking what we wanted to do. Confirming the address for posting right before sending each time was also a great touch! Thank you Mildred&Co for making it such an enjoyable part of our wedding!

Kelly + Jason

The team at Mildred&Co are fantastic. The service, attention to detail, and regular communication all helped ensure our wedding registry was completed without stress.

The ability to select a range of gifts along with a Wish List item that friends and family could contribute towards worked really well for us, and the delivery of wrapped gifts felt like an early Christmas. Thanks for all the help Mildred&Co!

Lille + Dirk

Thank you Mildred&Co for making our registry so stress-free and easy, both for us and our guests. A treasure-trove of gorgeous brands and such a big product range made it very hard to choose, but we definitely had a great time doing so. The presentation is second to none. We would highly recommended Mildred&Co xx

Kate + Pete

We decided to have our wedding registry with Mildred&Co because we wanted to make gift selection simple for our guests. We also loved everything available to purchase, and were able to refine it to exactly what we wanted and needed. We wanted to give our guests options from under $50 through to higher big ticket items (such as our Mooi cowhide rug which were so lucky to receive!). Mildred&Co were great to deal with throughout the wedding planning process and it was nice to have one area totally taken care of that I didnt have to worry about. The best part of course, is when all the gifts arrive after your wedding, along with an itemised list of who gave you what, making thank you cards a breeze!

Greer + Frazer

We chose Mildred&Co for our registry as we loved the flexibility of being able to offer our guests the choice of buying an item that we loved, or being able to contribute to either a home or honeymoon fund. Our guests loved the options and found the site easy to use (even the older guests). The site is stunning and certainly offers a classy alternative to the traditional registry. We loved dealing with Bayley and the team at Mildred&Co from the moment we set up the registry right through to delivery. We cannot recommend them more highly. A big thanks from us!

Sarah + Olly

When we chose my parents farm as the location for our wedding we knew majority of our guests would be flying or driving long distances to be there so we wanted to give those who wished to get us a gift an option to do so in an easy and fuss free way.

Mildred&Co was the perfect choice - they have a great selection of brands and products to choose from and make the whole process really simple. We felt absolutely spoilt when we received our beautifully wrapped gifts from loved ones a few weeks after our wedding!!

Kate + James

As we were getting married in a different city from where we live a close friend highly recommend Mildred&Co. We loved the website and carefully curated gifts and it ended up being a great decision. It was such a simple and delightful process to set up, guests found it was easy to use and the team from Mildred&Co were very helpful and accomodating. It made writing thank you letters simpler too as we were given a list of what each guest had gifted and their address. It was also lovely to receive the beautifully packaged gifts with handwritten notes from our friends and family. Thanks again Mildred&Co!!

Jenna + Tim

Mildred&Co was highly recommend by friends and we couldn't have picked a better wedding registry! I was concerned that living in Sydney could be an issue but the team at Mildred&Co were all over it, so this was never an issue. Bayley and the team were always helpful and efficient. We loved all the extra options and special touches on the registry - being able to add a Wish List and a honeymoon fund was a bonus! They have an amazing range of gifts from NZ and overseas that all arrived beautifully wrapped with individual cards attached.

Photo Credit: Micimage Wanaka

Jennifer + Oscar

We decided to use Mildred&Co for our gift registry because they had all the brands we liked in one place!  They were amazingly helpful every step of the way.  When our gifts got delivered the wrapping was stunning and all the little touches certainly didn't go unnoticed!! We would highly recommend these guys!

Emma + Mark

Mildred&Co was our dream registry. They offer a stunning range of gifts, along with the option of adding additional items, such as a honeymoon fund. The service was classy, professional and personal. . .  everything about Mildred&Co is beautiful, from the website to the gift wrapping. Thank you so much Bayley, and the Mildred&Co team, for making our wedding so special. xx

Kylah + Alec

From the moment I enquired about a registry, to the gifts arriving by post (to remote Western Australia), the team at Mildred&Co were a delight to deal with. Nothing was too difficult for them to arrange, and the gifts are simply gorgeous! Amazing quality, packaged beautifully, simply and itemised, making it super easy for thank ypu cards. I would highly recommend Mildred&Co!

Katie + Guy

Mildred&Co were the obvious choice when it came to selecting our wedding registry. They stock the best local and international brands and are flawless with their professionalism and little touches. We loved that we could divide our selection between beautiful hand selected pieces and our honeymoon fund. When the gifts arrived they were beautifully wrapped with hand written cards and a bottle of champagne to enjoy while we unwrapped! Thanks again Mildred&Co xx

Sam + Kirsty

Thank you so much to Bayley and the team at Mildred&Co for helping us with our wedding registry. It was so great to be able to offer our family and friends such a broad range of beautiful gifts to choose from, including adding the option to contribute towards our honeymoon. This meant our family and friends were able to choose something that was special and meaningful to them and that we will cherish these gifts forever. Thanks again for making it so easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Photo Credit:

Kate + Dan

You'd be silly not to choose Mildred&Co for your gift registry. It was great to have the option to offer our guests the choice of contributing towards our honeymoon or gifting us gorgeous homeware on one page. We were so taken aback after stepping through the door after our honeymoon to boxes full of beautiful packaged gifts and guest messages, and Bayley at Mildred&Co was always in contact with us with updated delivery information. If we had to do it all over again (which we wish we could) we'd choose Mildred&Co every time! 

Madelene + Hamish

Mildred&Co had everything we could have wished for, the perfect gift registry with the fabulous option to add a Wish List, this meant our family and friends could contribute towards our honeymoon which was a big help. We loved how easy the process was from start to finish. Another great touch is the itemised list we were sent with the gifts of who purchased what, it made the “Thank You” card process so easy! Thanks a million times to all the amazing staff at Mildred&Co.

Rachel + Chris

Mildred&Co's wonderful service, guidance and selection of stunning gifts made it so easy for us and for our guests. Planning an island wedding in 5 months is busy but we didn’t need to worry about the gift registry - Mildred&Co had it all under control! To come home to such beautifully wrapped things just continued the wedding celebrations & thoughts of our nearest and dearest. And they continue to remind us every time we see/use them in our home. We’d recommend them to anyone getting married or looking for gifts. Thank you Team Mildred&Co!

Hannah + Bruno

Thank you so much to the lovely girls at Mildred&Co. We loved the ‘Wish List’ option as we really wanted a piece of artwork and had no trouble with making a selection from the beautiful gift collection they had available.  Mildred&Co made it easy to customise and make it work for us. We were so happy with the service and all of our lovely pressies!

Louise + Keith

We are South Island based but as we were getting married in the North Island, we had a dilemma as to how we would manage our wedding gifts. Being able to register for gifts online at Mildred&Co and have them delivered after the wedding was fantastic and the gifts were absolutely stunning! Such beautiful pieces to begin our lives together.

Michaella + Nick

Having our wedding registry at Mildred&Co was perfect! From being invited to the showroom to see all their beautiful pieces, to the amazing communication & service. Our new house is beautifully decked out with all our amazing Mildred&Co gifts. Such an easy website for us & our family & friends to navigate, I now do my gift buying on there!

Lucy + Cameron

Thank you so much Mildred&Co for your incredible service and expertise. You have the most gorgeous selection of gifts and were so incredibly helpful with my never ending questions! All of our guests commented on how easy the process was of purchasing gifts for us and when the gifts were delivered, all wrapped so beautifully, we felt so loved and spoilt!

I would recommend Mildred&Co to anybody - thank you!

Lu + Tai

Thank you so much to the Mildred&Co team for your amazing service. My husband and I started off just wanting a honeymoon fund but then we came across Mildred&Co which had so many lovely items and the opportunity to have both gifts and a honeymoon fund. It was exactly what we were after.  It was so lovely coming home from our honeymoon to a box full of beautifully wrapped gifts. The only downside was that they have so many lovely items, it is hard to choose. I highly recommend anyone wanting a stress-free, fun experience to use them too.

Photo Credit:

Sophie + David

Mildred&Co were one of our wedding highlights for sure! We walked into the showroom thinking we didn't need much but were completely blown away.  The best thing about Mildred&Co is how comprehensive it was - we were all about the one stop shop! We appreciated the guidance about registry etiquette (we went in feeling strange about the whole notion of asking for gifts, but walked out appreciating that we were just giving our guests the choice), and the ease of purchasing via the website received huge praise from our guests - particularly those 'of a certain age!'.

From the gift selection (great photographs, descriptions and the must-use Wish List!), to the communication and service from the Mildred&Co team, the gorgeous gift wrapping with individual cards, to the printed guest list of what was purchased, we couldn't recommend Mildred&Co more highly.

Mildred&Co were an absolute pleasure and I've been raving about them since.

Hannah + Troy

Thank you so much to the Mildred&Co team - your collection of gifts is amazing and your website is beautiful. Choosing to have our registry with you was one of the easiest decisions to make when organising our wedding. Your team were so helpful and it made the receipt of such beautiful gifts from our friends and family even more special. We highly recommend your website and look forward to shopping on it for more friends weddings and events!

Mandy + Hayden

Mildred&Co were the perfect choice for our wedding gift registry. Milly and the team made everything so easy and fun right from the beginning. We really loved the ease of selection. We sat on the couch with a glass of wine and had so much fun choosing all our possible gifts on the iPad. We had a lot of guests that were unable to make it from England and America so they were able to purchase online with no problems.

We absolutely loved the Wish List function and so many guests commented how much they loved purchasing those gifts as they were even more personalised to us. The best part was arriving home from work one Monday night to boxes full of individually wrapped gifts all with individual labels and messages from guests. I have already recommended Mildred&Co to several brides to be. A huge thanks to Mildred&Co!

Marie + Will

Mildred&Co came highly recommended and the overall experience exceeded our expectations.  From the chance to come and see everything on our gift list before it was purchased, through to the exquisite items lovingly wrapped and delivered to our door, everything was well organised and we were very happy.  Thanks to Mildred&Co for making our day even sweeter.  

Kayne + Jess

We are so pleased that we chose Mildred&Co for our wedding registry.  From the range of gifts available to the ease of use - it was perfect!  I was sold the day I visited Milly at her showroom.  She was so helpful and really got involved in the selection process, which we loved.  The website itself was really easy (and addictive) to use.  We had guests travelling from the US, the UK and Australia which made it really easy for them too.  The day the gifts arrived was like Christmas!  They were so beautifully decorated and presented and it was such a nice experience to open them as a married couple and read all of the beautiful notes from our friends and family.  I will be looking for any excuse to use Mildred&Co again in the future. 

Photo Credit - Poppymoss

David + Jimmy

We couldn't recommend Milly the team at 'Mildred&Co' more highly. Weddings are stressful at the best of times and being able to put the responsibility of the registry in their hands made an enormous difference to our overall experience. Seamlessly executed and a fantastic attitude at all times - a wonderful service. Thanks guys! 

Kristen + Patrick

Thanks so much to the lovely team at Mildred&Co! We were so pleased with your service from start to finish, despite never physically stepping foot in your showroom we loved arriving home from our honeymoon to perfectly presented gifts that after unwrapping, looked exactly as they did online. You have really thought of everything and our guests were just as full of praise at the wonderful registry options, easy to navigate website and efficient organisation. I am already coveting what I can buy next!

Ilana + Lee

We met Milly in Queenstown at the wedding expo and it was love at first sight with the incredible range of gifts on offer! We signed up immediately.

We would highly recommend Mildred&Co as after our registry was complete it was a very quick turn around to receiving all our amazing gifts from friends and family - just a few days before Xmas too! Thanks again Mildred&Co!


Leanne + Don

We decided to use Mildred&Co early on in our wedding planning as their online gift registry was a gorgeous way to engage with our wedding guests.  We were so impressed with their stylish website and loved choosing things to suit our blended lifestyle.  Some things we picked were purely practical and some ... simply delicious!  We were also impressed with the beautiful presentation of our gifts and the love which so clearly went into making these look so special.  Mildred&Co are the perfect wedding gift solution for couples wanting that unique and style.  We just loved working with them!

Photo Credit: Simon Woolf

Hayley + Paul

We highly recommend Mildred&Co. The range of gifts was perfect for our style and we really enjoyed receiving everything at once. Mildred&Co made the whole process so easy and we loved the handy guest list with everyone's return addresses - it made sending out "Thank Yous" so much easier. Big thanks to Mildred&Co team!

Liberty + Ashton

We absolutely loved having Mildred&Co for our wedding registry. Their range of goods and prices was what won us over initially, only to be followed by stellar service! What a fabulous business with so many personal touches along the way - beyond impressed! Coming home from your honeymoon isn't so bad when you arrive back to boxes full of beautifully wrapped goods and hand written cards. Thank you Mildred&Co xx

Rebeka + Chris

We absolutely loved using Mildred&Co for our Gift Registry. Initially we loved the idea of creating our own Wish List, however there was such an amazing selection of gifts online that we couldn't resist adding some of those to our registry aswell. A great choice for couples who want to customize their registry with both products and a Wish List!

Grace + Andy

Thank you so much Milly and team! We couldn't be happier with the service and pressies we received. What a beautiful gift registry you have - best in NZ! We loved the whole process, from building our profile and registry, visiting the showroom, seeing what things were being purchased and then unwrapping our gifts. Everything was seamless and fun. Thanks again for all your help. Our house is looking great!

I would highly recommend Mildred&Co. Not just for the huge range of beautiful gifts but also for the service you will receive.

Sammy + Maia

A huge thanks to Milly and the team at Mildred&Co. It was the easiest decision of all the planning to have our registry with Mildred&Co. There is the most beautiful range of gifts with a huge selection of different brands so you really are spoilt for choice. All our guests raved about how much they loved everything and we are thrilled with what we received.

We loved the whole process, the website is very user friendly making it easy for us to create and update our list and for our guests to purchase online, no matter what city or country they lived in. The presents were beautifully gift wrapped and promptly delivered with handwritten notes and a list of who purchased each gift including addresses which really helped with thank you notes. We would highly recommend Mildred&Co to any couple getting married.

Diana + Daniel

Mildred&Co made having a guest registry very easy. It was one less thing to have to worry about. Especially as we live in Auckland, got married in the Hawke's Bay and most of our guests had to travel from around New Zealand! It's an easy website to use and the team at Mildred&Co were very helpful. They have such an amazing range of beautiful gifts! We had a hard time choosing. Thank you Mildred&Co!

Genevieve + Nick

Thank you Mildred&Co! We couldn't be happier with the service we received from you. The whole process from start to finish was so well organised and we just loved the selection of gifts available.  We found it very difficult to choose as there were so many items we just loved! We returned home post our wedding to beautifully wrapped gifts. We were overwhelmed. Our house is looking fabulous thanks to all of the lovely things we received. We would recommend Mildred&Co to any of our friends and family.

Jamie & Thomas

We loved using Mildred&Co for our gift registry. It had everything we needed, from practical kitchenware and appliances to quirky homeware and artworks. We particularly liked the way our guests could "make a contribution" to our gifts, which enabled a group of people to go in on some of the bigger ticket items. The whole experience was a lot of fun, and Milly was so helpful and easy to deal with. Thanks Mildred&Co!

Rachael + Matt

 Mildred&Co was the perfect option for our registry. It offers something a bit more unique and personable starting with having a viewing of their showroom (we had the place all to ourselves with Milly!) and admiring their gorgeous items with a glass on bubbles so we could create our dream wishlist. It was so easy and I loved the "contribution offer" option on some gifts so that guests could choose the amount to contribute and other guests could top it up . The gifts are of high quality and are perfect for creating our dream home which we will shortly be moving into. Opening the gifts was definitely my favourite part - all beautifully and individually wrapped.  I would highly recommend this chic boutique wedding registry company.

Louisa + Jack

We loved the beautiful choices Mildred&Co offered, instead of your regular cutlery and linen, everything on their site was something we would be proud to display in our home and that is what makes a great wedding present. The site is easy to use as a couple and for the guests and the service was amazing.

Sarah + Brady

We loved our Mildred&Co experience, and so did our guests. For us it was the collection of quality gifts that we really wanted to have in our home, for our guests it was the ease of selecting their gift online. Milly and her team were so helpful and efficient and the beautifully wrapped gifts we received were such a treat to come home to after our wedding, thanks Mildred&Co.

Simon + Kalpna

We have been very happy with choosing Mildred&Co for our registry. Everything was so easy from advising our guests how to purchase, to the delivery of all our items. The team were extremely flexible to deal with, allowing us to even swap an item later on. All done without having to go anywhere - what more could you ask for! An excellent range of items, curated from all the best places rather than being stuck shopping at one of the usual registry places - we got to choose from hundreds of items!

Lisa + Simon

I love Mildred&Co. It was  a super easy and a very personable boutique experience. Don’t look anywhere else this is the ultimate gift registry for your wedding, the brand mix and selection is diverse as well as the price point. I loved that I could pop into the showroom first and view product with a glass of bubbles. The premium presentation of the gift wrapping and stationery was a nice surprise and extended that special 'newly married feeling' when we were delivered our gifts. I highly recommend this little gem.

Carla + Nick

We decided upon Auckland-based registry Mildred&Co, primarily for the diverse and superior selection of quality product available.  It didn't matter we were planning our wedding from Sydney, the smooth and professional service we received when dealing with the staff at M&Co make it irrelevant wherever you are based.  We could not recommend this slick operation more.  A highlight of the experience for me was selecting our chosen gifts in owner Milly Nolan's stunning inner city showroom.  We were treated like royalty and spent the good part of an afternoon with Milly working our way through the many beautiful items. Receiving our gifts (they very kindly and speedily delivered the stylishly wrapped gifts for us to open on Christmas Eve) literally was, and felt like Christmas.  We were so impressed to receive not only hand written notes, but a typed up reference document detailing who had purchased what, and their addresses! Genius. What I found particularly useful about using a registry, especially this one, was the ease in which you could navigate the website, track what gifts had been purchased and then top up through the e-store afterwards.  We were able to complete crockery and glassware sets and add to a few of our gifts afterwards.  

A thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Now for the baby registry please Mildred&Co!

Kate + James

We were so happy with the service and beautiful products we received when we used Mildred&Co for our wedding registry.  The high quality product range was one of the reasons we chose this company, as well as the variety of both everyday items and more quirky pieces of art and homeware.  We loved the lay-out and styling of the website and had lots of great feedback from our guests.  The option to purchase over the phone was really useful for the older generation too.  When the gifts arrived the wrapping and presentation was just fantastic.  There were a few hiccups with the courier delivering on time but the Mildred&Co team kept in touch with us throughout and dealt with everything - nothing was too much trouble and there was a real personal touch.  Mildred&Co is now our go-to website for gifts for all occasions.

Hadleigh + Kate

Our experience with Mildred&Co was a pleasure from start to finish.

First, it was great to meet Milly at her lovely showroom and be able to handle many of the gifts. Then, it was so much fun using the website to constantly update our gift registry online - the website is very user friendly and there is an endless supply of wonderfully unique gifts. Finally, the gifts were delivered promptly after our wedding, all beautifully wrapped.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests who really enjoyed the giving experience as much as we enjoyed receiving such a fantastic selection of gifts. We will definitely be recommending Mildred&Co to all our family and friends.

Alaina + Simon

Since we had planned an Italian elopement, with only 6 guests, we weren’t expecting wedding gifts but when several of our family and friends started asking for gift ideas we decided to open a small gift registry and stumbled across Mildred&Co.

The easy to use website was great for our family and friends, who could pick from the beautifully curated range put together by Milly and the Mildred&Co team. The range was extensive, with items in all price ranges and a multitude of things we would love in our home. The gifts arrived shortly after our welcome home party, beautifully wrapped and well packaged including hand written messages with each gift.

Mildred&Co provided the perfect, personalised service and we would highly recommend it to others looking for a hassle free gift registry.


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Mademoiselle Fiona Wedding Photography

Madeleine + Jonathan

A family friend suggested to use Mildred&Co for a gift registry and we instantly connected with their style. Everything they stock is tasteful - with the perfect mix of need and want! 

My husband, Juno and I were merging our two styles into our first place, and despite having collected things here & there from different overseas stints, we were keen to inject some character into our first place as well as needing so many essentials, like sheets, pots and pans. The idea of a gift registry was overwhelming amidst everything else there was to do (a 5 month engagement and a wedding outside of our home town) but sitting on the couch and pouring over all the dreamy items online was an oasis amidst the madness.

Juno also visited Milly to view some of the items we were interested in and came home walking on air after a visit to the Mildred&Co space as it was so inspiring.

We returned home post-honeymoon on Christmas Eve, to beautifully wrapped and stacked gifts (all negotiated with no fuss whilst we were away). It was the best homecoming, and we felt beyond overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.

Hanna + Ryan

Planning a trans-continental wedding isn't for the faint-hearted, and we knew we would need a gift registry that would be simple for both our Kiwi and American guests at a wedding in Texas followed by a move to Auckland. Mildred&Co made the process a breeze - the beautiful, straightforward site was simple for our guests to use and filled with gorgeous items for us to build a new home with. Thanks to Milly and the stellar team for a fantastic welcome to NZ.

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Mike + Alice

Thank you very much to Milly and the team at Mildred&Co! The selection at Mildred&Co is beautiful and the team made it so easy for everything to be shipped to Sydney after our wedding. Our presents arrived safely and beautifully wrapped! The personal service provided is incredible and the Auckland showroom is stunning. We were so happy with everything we received and so grateful to the team!

Georgia + John

We love Mildred&Co! They provide the most beautiful (and amazing range) of wedding gifts, we had a tough job choosing which stunning presents to include!

Their service and attention to detail is second to none. The whole process was seamless, from visiting the showroom and enjoying a glass of bubbly, to receiving the gifts after our honeymoon - what a treat!

Thanks so much Milly and team, you guys are awesome!!! xxx

Jane + Sean

Mildred&Co made life so easy – both for our guests (who were very jealous of our list of goodies) and for us (who now appear a lot more stylish than we actually are).

Thanks Milly and team for your enviable selection which we could check out at your amazing showroom with wine in hand, for your accommodating and friendly service, and for making the process as smooth as a bride’s legs on her wedding day.

Emily + Ben

We searched for a long time for a registry that had items that reflected our style and could accommodate our desire for a honeymoon contribution. Mildred&Co was pretty close to perfect. So many items we wanted and it took away the awkwardness often associated with asking for cash as a gift. Plus we had several family members who were overseas and were not able to attend the wedding. It was so easy for them to send a gift without excess international shipping costs, and they could send heartfelt notes too!

Milly & her team have created a fabulous online registry, which still feels really personal once you receive your gifts.


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Kiri + Matthew

Using Mildred&Co for our gift registry proved to be one of the best decisions of our wedding planning. Asking for gifts is awkward and really knowing what stuff you'll need is hard, but Mildred&Co made it a breeze for us (well, that is disregarding the fact that everything they stock is beautiful and high quality so they do make it difficult to choose (but this, by no means, is a bad thing)).

Coming home from our honeymoon to stacks of beautifully wrapped gifts that were equally as, if not more, cool as the wrapping was incredible. It felt like a big reward for all the effort we put into planning and executing of the big day. Also, it was the icing on the cake for the biggest reward of all, becoming mr. & mrs.! Thank you Mildred&Co you have our highest recommendation.

Kirsty + Mark

We were recommended Mildred&Co as a gift registry by multiple friends. We found the website very user friendly and the convenience of adding gifts online was great. The range of brands and products was excellent and Milly provided a very personalised service which was much appreciated! It was so lovely returning from our honeymoon to all our incredible gifts and messages - thanks Mildred&Co! We recommend your registry to all our friends planning weddings.

Amy + Mark

We honestly can't speak highly enough about our experience with Mildred&Co. The gift selection is amazing! There are so many things to make the home of a married couple just beautiful! Everything is very competitively priced.

The service from Milly and her staff is amazing! They are flexible and so accommodating and every time I spoke with Milly, I felt like she knew exactly who I was with all of the details of our wedding.

The wedding registry was also very straight forward for our guests to use.

I highly recommend using Mildred&Co, you will be thrilled!


Michelle + Kieran

When we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to use an online gift registry as it makes things nice and easy. When searching for which registry to use, Mildred&Co stood out for its quality range of gift choices and its distinctive style. On top of this, the easy-to-use website made compiling our gift list simple and fun. It was very exciting to come home from our honeymoon and have our gifts waiting for us - we were very happy with them all. Milly was great to deal with and I would definitely recommend Mildred&Co to anyone wanting to create a gift registry.

Jonine + Alex

We could not have been happier with our experience using Mildred&Co for our gift registry! We chose Mildred&Co because we live overseas and wanted a local registry for the NZ guests - to avoid them having to travel with the wedding presents. We loved the range of beautiful and luxurious products and the varied selection of gifts available.

Milly was able to send the gifts to my parents place for our collection later - and even suggested swapping in a gift voucher to replace a discontinuing line of an incomplete set we were gifted. Everything arrived beautifully wrapped, all with hand-written notes, what a nice surprise to come home to!


Rebecca + Craig

Mildred&Co was the perfect gift registry from start to finish. Milly's absolute professionalism and perfection was second to none. We had a lot of overseas guests who couldn't make it to our wedding, but still wanted to buy us a gift - Mildred&Co provided the perfect excuse for us to click away and receive gorgeous, generous gifts from far and wide. From viewing and ordering, to the beautiful gift wrapping and the fantastic after care, we were blown away and have recommended Mildred&Co to all of our engaged friends! Stress free and simply perfect.

Crystal + Grant

Mildred&Co was the only gift registry we considered and it worked perfectly. Grant and I had a destination wedding and we have only lived in New Zealand for a few months, so we were looking for an online gift registry that guests from around the world could use to send to New Zealand. When we received our gifts, everything was beautifully presented and the quality of gifts exceeded our expectations. Also, the personalised service that Milly provides is exceptional. For those who demand perfection from their perfect day, I would highly recommend Mildred&Co as your gift registry of choice.

Jose + Fletch

Sorting a gift registry was the last thing on our minds after deciding to get married only 4 months after our engagement. When several of our guests started incessantly asking for gift ideas we decided to open a small gift registry.  With a wedding away from home an online registry was the way to go.  After a quick search we were delighted to come across Mildred&Co.  Mildred&Co had the most tasteful array of gifts to choose from and it was all so easy! It was wonderful to arrive home to all the gifts wrapped for us to open and so convenient not to have to traipse them from one end the country to the other. Such a wonderful service provided by Milly and her team.

Vanessa + Adrian

We knew when we started planning our wedding that we would use Mildred&Co for our registry.  It had everything that we wanted - a wide variety of things for the home that weren't just your average department store kind of items.  We only had a very small registry because we had already owned our own home for a few years and had already acquired a lot of stuff!  Milly totally understood but was also super accommodating when our guests rang to ask her if there was anything else to add. The whole process was effortless, and we loved the cards provided to pop in with the invites! 

Ingrid + Stu

We were expecting the whole registry process to be quite tedious, but Mildred&Co proved us wrong. Having a number of guests attend from overseas made an online registry an obvious choice and we were drawn to using Mildred&Co because of the vast array of beautiful gifts at a range of prices.  Setting up the registry was a breeze and any queries we had were responded to promptly. Many thanks to Milly and her team.

Annabel + Shaun

We loved having our wedding registry with Mildred&Co. The website was simple and easy to use for us and our guests and the whole experience was fantastic. There were so many beautiful gifts to choose from and it was great to visit the showroom to see the products on offer in person. We also loved the contribution feature as it allowed us to include somer higher priced items that our guests could chip in towards. The best part was when all the gifts were delivered beautifully wrapped in black and white! Thank you so much Mildred&Co!

Shona + Bryn

I found the hardest decision of the wedding planning was deciding what to do for gifts! We didn't know how to go about it or really where to go because we wanted different things from different shops. By chance I met Milly at an event in her showroom one night and seeing how beautiful her showroom was with all these amazing gifts in it, completely sold me! It was the best decision we made going with Mildred&Co. The website was lovely and user-friendly and the product range was good quality. Our guests loved it and we had great feedback on it! Getting our gifts after our honeymoon was so cool - when we arrived home we had all these  beautifully wrapped gifts waiting for us. I almost didn't want to unwrap them they looked so good! Mildred&Co did a fantastic job and I couldn't speak more highly of them.

Harriet + Denis

We stumbled across Mildred&Co by accident but it was a godsend! The bride was from Auckland and the groom from Ireland, and the fact we now live in Singapore, we knew that all of our guests would be traveling quite a distance for our wedding in Queenstown, thus an online registry seemed the best solution. The website was so easy to navigate - both when we were setting up the registry and for our guests to use. Delivery was completely hassle free and Milly and her team were so responsive to any queries we had. Our biggest problem was choosing which of the awesome gifts to include!! We will definitely be recommending Mildred&Co to any engaged couples we meet!

Emma + Luke

It was just lovely having our registry with Mildred&Co - the gifts were just to my taste, the website was lovely and easy to use and they had a a great range of price points. The team at Mildred&Co even procured some extra cookbook titles I was looking for! And when the wedding was all over and we returned home to normality, another sparkle of magic arrived with the delivery of our beautifully wrapped gifts. What a treat! Thanks for making the whole process so easy and pretty Mildred&Co!

Christina + Sam

Mildred&Co was the perfect gift registry for our wedding. No request was too big, Mildred&Co sourced all of the special items we wanted and was only too happy to do so. So many of our guests commented on the lovely range of gifts and how easy it was to use. The online aspect was fantastic as our wedding was out of town and close to Christmas so no one had time to go into a physical store. We loved how frequently new ranges were being added to the catalogue and how easy it was to update the registry.

We arrived home from our Ohope wedding to boxes of beautifully wrapped gifts (2 days before Christmas and they still got here on time!) and the Mildred&Co team were really just so nice to deal with. Thank you so much for helping make our day stress free and providing such gorgeous pieces to our home.

Phillippa + Chris

We really wanted to find a registry that had a large eclectic variety of gorgeous contemporary designs. Mildred&Co was by far the best option available and were extremely accomodating to deal with. Milly and her team have really put a lot of thought and consideration into the registry process and the personalised, unique touches were such a lovely suprise. Thank you so much!

Cara + Jayden

We knew Mildred&Co was the wedding registry for us, as we loved the extensive range of beautiful and unique gifts! We enjoyed choosing the things we would love for our home to receive from our family and friends. The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic and I would highly recommend Mildred&Co to anyone getting married!

Kate + Tane

I can't rave about Mildred&Co enough! I have to admit that a wedding registry was one of the most exciting things about getting married (hehe no one should really admit that!!). Mildred&Co totally delivered and we had so much fun browsing through the pages of beautiful gift ideas and even more fun unwrapping it all! The online store made it super easy for our guests to purchase and we had lots of comments about how simple and easy the site was to use. We were so surprised at the care that was taken wrapping each gift individually and even giving us a full breakdown of who purchased what which made our thank you cards a million times easier. I couldn't hesitate to recommend these guys enough and tell all my girlfriends who are getting married about Mildred&Co!!!!

Kathryn + Liam

Mildred&Co were the perfect gift registry for our wedding earlier this year...our guests all commented on how easy it was to use and the incredible selection of treats we had listed in the registry. We were really impressed with the delivery and presentation of all the gifts including the individually written gift cards and the fully documented guest list including name, gift and their postal address to make writing the thank you cards an easy process!

We were really grateful to receive such wonderful wedding gifts and know that we will keep all of them forever to make memories together in our family home.

Caroline + Michael

We couldn't be happier with our experience using Mildred&Co for our gift registry! We chose Mildred&Co for the unique and varied selection of gifts available - from the luxury to the everyday essentials - all presented in a beautifully designed and easy to use website. The ease of being able to do our gift registry online was a huge plus for us. We had so many comments on our range of gifts, and how impressed our guests were with website overall. Receiving everything so beautifully wrapped, all with hand-written notes, made it really special.

Would recommend Mildred&Co to anyone! Thanks so much!

Dee + Matt

Using Mildred&Co was the most stress-free part of our wedding!  We loved choosing our wedding presents, and we had so many comments from our guests about how much they liked the website too – some of them even bought some of the goodies for themselves!  Professional to deal with, and with a wide selection of really special items that we will treasure forever, Mildred&Co was an obvious choice.

Amanda + Morgan

We were so pleased with our choice to use Mildred&Co for our wedding registry. We so enjoyed choosing our gifts and logging in every now and then to see what had been purchased for us. It was like the best Christmas ever when all our beautifully wrapped gifts arrived. We love everything we chose and the service at Mildred&Co was fantastic.

Sarah + Al

Visiting Mildred&Co's Auckland showroom to choose items for our wedding registry was one of the most enjoyable things about planning our wedding! It is a beautiful room full of beautiful things and we really enjoyed the experience. We had just returned from living overseas and we loved that we were able to include all the essentials for our first home together, as well as design pieces and bigger ticket items. The 'contribute' feature was really useful, and our guests told us how much they enjoyed using the site. All our questions were answered quickly and resourcefully and everything came beautifully wrapped with handwritten cards which was a really nice touch. We are thrilled. Thank you so much Mildred&Co. xx

Lucy + James

We decided to use Mildred&Co for our registry because of the huge range of both contemporary and traditional gifts to choose from. All of the gifts we received from our loved ones will be treasured by us forever as a reminder of our special day. The team at Mildred&Co were extremely helpful in answering our multitude of questions and the gifts were delivered promptly to us, looking amazing all wrapped up in black and white. There was even a handwritten card to go along with each which was a very thoughtful touch. I recommend Mildred&Co to everyone, no other registries compare!

Lesley + David

One of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding was to have the registry with Mildred&Co. There is an incredible range of beautiful and unique gifts and thanks to our lovely guests we're now the proud owners of some amazing china and crystal collections. Planning the wedding from Sydney with guests coming from all over the world meant that it was important to have something that was simple and easy to use, and the site proved just that.

Thank you Mildred&Co for your amazing service from start to finish.

Looking back, it's this kind of service that is memorable at a time when things can become quite crazy!

Laura + Nigel

We can't speak highly enough of Mildred&Co. Planning our wedding from Singapore we needed to be able to do everything from afar - including the gift registry.  Midred&Co made things so easy for us, the only hard part was deciding what to include on our list! With so many beautiful items to choose from we were spoilt for choice.  We had so much fun opening up all our beautifully wrapped gifts and reading the handwritten notes - it's definitely a memory we will treasure forever. Thank you Mildred&Co! xo

Sarah + Daniel

We loved all of our wonderful wedding gifts from our guests that we received through Mildred&Co’s beautifully curated website.  We frequently use everything we received, which is always a nice reminder of the people we shared our wedding day with and their generosity to us. 

Our wedding was close to Christmas and the gifts looked amazing with their striped wrapping under our tree!  We would definitely recommend Mildred&Co to any engaged couples planning their wedding!

Kara + Andrew

Mildred&Co was our first choice when we saw the number of unique and beautiful gifts available to us! The price range for our guests was perfect and the selection of personal gifts was spot on. We arrived home from our wedding in the Cook Islands to a host of amazing gifts at our doorstep. We both loved the hand written cards and have stored them as keepsakes.

We couldn't give you a top 5 as we love each and every one of our gifts! Would have no hesitation in recommending Mildred&Co to friends and family in the coming years.

Melanie + David

We were thrilled when we heard about Mildred&Co at the time we were arranging our wedding in 2012. Milly's eye for gorgeous things came well recommended and we were so pleased with the range of gifts on offer, especially living in London at the time and not having much of an idea of what was generally available in New Zealand.

The website is streamlined and very easy to set up until you come to choosing exactly what to put in your list, which was hard to put a limit on! The ability to customise your profile is also nice as you're addressing all of your guests at once. The gifts were beautifully presented when they arrived which was lovely for us (it's possible that there was some squealing) but also for the guests to know that their gifts arrived in style.

Definitely one of the breeziest aspects of wedding planning, we would thoroughly recommend using Mildred&Co and have already dipped back in to buy gifts for other occasions.

Gemma + Tim

My husband and I returned from living overseas only 2 weeks prior to our wonderful wedding, so had to do the majority of our planning from overseas.  Mildred&Co was the perfect solution to this challenge, and surpassed all our expectations.  We were able to view and access the collections online on the Mildred&Co website, and set up our registry from afar without any hassle. When we arrived in NZ, it was great to know that our gift registry was something we didn't have to think about in the short lead up to our big day, and the very magical moment was when our beautifully packaged gifts arrived on our doorstep two days afterwards, enabling my grandparents to see us open them - which was exactly what we had asked for!  There is no comparative service that I can think of in New Zealand that offers couples a single source access to a bespoke and designer gift range - couple that will fantastic service and Mildred&Co is the perfect solution to every couple's wedding day.

Charlotte + Mark

Mark and I found Mildred&Co at the last minute before our invitations were printed. It must have been fate! A lot of our guests came from Ireland for our wedding so an online registry was perfect for us. The best part of the whole process was picking all the beautiful items that could one day be ours! Everything was so easy, from start to finish. Thank you Mildred&Co for giving us a registry option with something a little different!

Bex + Wade

Thanks Mildred&Co for making our day so hassle free! Wade and I were so happy with the gorgeous gifts we received from our guests and had so many comments on how easy it was for them to simply pop online to Mildred&Co and choose us something for our special day.  Was such a delight receiving all the beautifully wrapped gifts we almost didn't even want to take them out packaging!

Anna + Shayne

Thank you so much Mildred&Co! We were overwhelmed by the amazing selection of beautiful gifts to fill our home with. The online registry that we could update at any time and drop-off service made it all so easy. Thanks again for the great service, lovely gift wrapping and individually written cards… Everything was done so beautifully!

Gretchen + Duncan

What an amazing experience it was working with Mildred&Co. When the gifts arrive they are perfectly wrapped in the most beautiful paper (I am obsessed with stripes). The website is so user friendly and the variety of products is overwhelming. I would recommend Mildred&Co to any couple getting married.

Aimee + Paul

Thank you Mildred&Co, because of you our home is filled with exquisite wedding gifts from our nearest and dearest - a beautiful and constant reminder for the years ahead, of our special day. From everyday cups of tea with our very chic new kettle to the crystal wine glasses for special occasions, we loved absolutely everything on your website that it made selecting gifts for our registry tricky (in a good way!). The easiest part was certainly being able to organise our entire registry online in the matter of a few hours from Wellington, which was especially convenient given there are a million and one things to organise and think about when planning a wedding! We're over the moon with our gifts, so thank you Mildred&Co!