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Original Muslin Inbetweenie Sleep Sack

By Girl + Boy

Availability: In stock


Original Muslin Inbetweenie Sleep Sack

By Girl + Boy

Availability: In stock


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The new inbetweenie™ by Girl + Boy is a range of fully enclosed, lightweight 100% cotton sleep sacks or sleeping bags for babies who don't like being swaddled or those who have begun to roll. Based on the simple concept of a safe, soft boundary, the inbetweenie™ helps babies to sleep peacefully without the constraints or risks of a traditional swaddle or danger of loose blankets.

When your baby begins to roll, usually at around 3 months old, it is time to transition or wean them from sleeping in a swaddle. The inbetweenie™ provides an alternative way to teach your baby to sleep unswaddled without needing to expose her arms or ever go 'cold turkey'. The unique design of the inbetweenie™ helps to control the startle or moro reflex while still allowing your baby to find their fist and self soothe. It offers enough room to naturally stretch out their hips and safely expand their chest, while allowing enough movement to safely roll on to their front and back again. The full enclosure sleep sack and soft neckline keeps little hands and necks covered as well as protected from mosquitoes or bugs, so your baby will stay cosy through the night.

The Original Muslin Inbetweenie Sleep Sacks are crafted from light double weight muslin cotton. Due to its lightweight nature, the Original Muslin inbetweenie™ can be used for most of the year simply by adding or removing layers of your baby's clothing. It is ideal for sleeping environments between 18-25°C degrees, including rooms which are cooled by air conditioning or fans, right through to warmer winter nurseries.

The natural construction makes the inbetweenie™ range suitable for eczema and dermatitis sufferers, prohibiting scratching, and can also be worn directly against your baby's sensitive skin.

Available in two sizes:

Small - 3-6 months (4-8kg, head circumference less than 43cm)

Large - 6-12 months  (7-11kg, head circumference less than 46cm)

Available in three colours:

Grey, Blue & Pink

The inbetweenie™ Original Muslin Sleep Sack:

  • Ideal for nurseries between 18-25°C
  • Body is made from double weight muslin, which is a 100% natural cotton, a durable, breathable and antibacterial fibre
  • Soft ribbed cotton neckline - no hard metal zips near your baby's neck
  • Double stitched hems for additional strength
  • Bottom zip for easy access to change your baby while still keeping them warm (particularly in the middle of the night) or for when they need to go mobile
  • Adheres to SIDS & Kids guidelines
  • Comes with a cotton wash bag