Love Bake Nourish

By New Holland Publishing

Love Bake Nourish is for bakers, cooks and health conscious cake-lovers who want to cut down on their white sugar and white flour intake but still eat and bake beautiful cakes. Amber’s philosophy for the contemporary cook in the modern kitchen is choosing traditional and natural ingredients such as fruit and honey and ancient flours such as buckwheat, spelt and rye to give depth of flavour to her delectable recipes.This book showcases cake and dessert recipes that are healthier, seasonal and simpler than many other baking recipes out there.

Chapters are Seasonal Cakes; Puddings, including baked fruit, crumbles, pies, sponge and rice puddings; Tarts and Meringues; Small Bakes; Creams, Custards & Compotes; and Herbal Teas. Baking is always indulgent but, with Amber, it can be nourishing too.

By Amber Rose, Published by New Holland Publishing

Hardback, 208 pages, 24.6cmH x 18.9cmW

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Love Bake Nourish