Glass Candy

By Simon Wards

Simon Wards is an Auckland-based glass artist who already in his short exhibiting career has shown work around New Zealand, in Australia and in the UK. His early experience of casting glass "stopped at bowls and vessels - objects that didn't spark any feeling". Realising he could move beyond these objects was a revelation and he has since turned every day objects into beautiful art forms.

With jet planes being a well-loved New Zealand lolly, it is hard not to covet Wards' glass version which looks unbelievably real - almost good enough to eat. The paper bag of the Glass Candy is made from porcelain and the jet planes from coloured glass crystal to mimic the actual colours of the sugary sweets. Place on a shelf, dresser or mantlepiece as a work of art that is sure to be admired.

Please note: Delivery of this item could take up to two weeks.

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Glass Candy