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Here's a selection of our most frequently asked questions.

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How much does it cost to set-up a gift registry at Mildred&Co?

Absolutely nothing, signing up to Mildred&Co is completely FREE! We do not have any hidden fees and all of our gift prices are at recommended retail prices.

How far in advance of the wedding or new arrival should we register?

You can register as far in advance of your wedding or new arrival as you like, however, your registry will remain closed for viewing until three months prior to your wedding or baby's due date when it will automatically ‘go live’ on the Mildred&Co website. This is to ensure the gifts you have chosen are current and available. It’s important that your registry is ready the moment your guests receive your invite for the earlybird purchasers!

Do we need an appointment to register with Mildred&Co?

No appointment is necessary. You can register online from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world by following the simple steps at We do, however, have a friendly team of registry experts on hand that can answer any questions you have. Email us at

How can we share our registry with our guests?

The most common and traditional way to alert your guests to your wedding or baby gift registry with Mildred&co is to either mention it on your invitations or we can provide FREE invitation inserts that you can include with your invitations. You will be able to request these when you set up your wedding registry and baby registry. Alternatively there is the option to 'share your registry' via email. This option is located within your registry dashboard.

Can I make my registry private so only my guests can view it?

Yes, an option to create a password is offered during the registration process. If you choose a password, don’t forget to communicate it to your guests.

How can family and friends access my registry?

Having an online wedding list or baby list with Mildred&Co makes accessing your registry easy and convenient. Your guests can view your registry and make purchases at by entering either of your surnames. If you have chosen a password, your guests will be required to enter this to gain access to your registry. 

What if some of our guests aren't internet savvy?

No problem. Our registry experts are a simple phone call away to offer help and advice to your guests. We can take payment over email or the phone for any gift on your registry. Simply email  us at to arrange.

How do we select the gifts for our registry?

After you have registered online, you can start adding items to your registry. The best way to do this is to go through the Wedding Gifts section, category by category, and add items to your registry. We suggest adding far more than you need initially and then you can eliminate and edit items at the end. It's literally like shopping without having to open your purse!

Can we see the gifts in person before selecting them?

We do not have a physical store, so you will need to select all the gifts online. However, we have a friendly team of registry experts on hand that can answer any questions you may have about any item and we can point you in the right direction if you want to see the item in the flesh. Simply email us at

How many gifts should we have on our registry?

As many as you like! But as a rule of thumb, you should have minimum of  one gift per invited guest. It is a good idea to put more items on your list than you expect to have purchased, as guests love to have the option of choice - especially in terms of price. You can always add more items later if you feel as if the selection is growing too narrow.

Can we edit our registry up until our wedding or due day?

Of course. You can add, delete or update your registry at any time (provided the gift hasn't been purchased already). This can be done by logging into your account. New and exciting gifts are constantly being added to our extensive range, so we encourage you to check the What’s New section online regularly. 

Can we include an item on our list that is not on your website?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss. We will do our very best, at no extra cost, to source your request for you. 

How long will our gifts take to arrive after our wedding day?

Your new gifts will be delivered between 2-4 weeks after your wedding day, on a day that is pre-arranged with you. A second delivery may be required for delayed items. We always do our best to have your gifts delivered to you ASAP! A quick delivery is a good delivery.

Can gifts be delivered before the wedding or baby shower day?

Yes. This is no problem at all, however, you will need to get in touch with us to request this. It will also require closing the registry a week prior to your wedding or baby shower day. Be aware, however, that while there are the early bird purchasers it is more common for the majority of your gifts to be bought the week of your wedding or baby shower day!

Do you provide gift wrapping?

Yes, our stylish black-and-white gift-wrapping is complimentary. When you register, you have the option of choosing your items to be gift-wrapped or not (in case you want to save some trees). Unfortunately we can't gift wrap over sized items.

What will our guests pay?

All gifts are priced at the recommended retail pricing. A nominal handling service and delivery charge will be added per order for all purchases (apart from gift vouchers - delivery on these is free!). This small amount is based on the shipping address provided by the registered couple. CLICK HERE for our complete list of service costs.

Can our guests contribute money towards our more expensive gifts or do they need to pay the full amount?

Yes. When you are adding items to your registry, any item that is over $150 has the option to add the "contribute towards this gift" feature. This allows your guest to contribute money in any amount of their choosing towards that gift (rather than paying the full amount - although they can do if they want to). Please view our SAMPLE REGISTRY to see what this will look like. It's a great way of adding expensive items to your registry without feeling guilty about the price.

What happens when the full amount isn't paid towards an item that has the 'contribute towards' feature?

If the full price of an item isn't reached, then you will be gifted with a Mildred&Co voucher to the value that was paid by your guests. You can then decide whether you would like to use this voucher towards the desired item, or to purchase something else from Mildred&Co.

What happens if we receive a faulty or broken gift?

If an item is faulty when you receive it, please notify us immediately. We will replace it, or provide a store credit if a replacement is unavailable. If an item becomes faulty after some time and is still under warranty, we will provide you with the proof of purchase so you can contact the manufacturer or distributer of the product for repair/replacement. Please see our terms and conditions.

Can we exchange gifts?

As a general rule, once a gift has been bought for your by a guest, it cannot be exchanged. However, if there is a good reason we may be flexible on this rule. We do not however offer refunds. Please contact us via email to discuss at

When a gift is bought will it disappear from our gift list?

No, when a gift is purchased it will remain on the registry and will be clearly labelled with a "purchased" banner. These gifts also become unavailable for purchase by another guest. Seeing what has already been purchased helps the guests with their choices and prevents double ups!

An item has been removed from my registry, what does this mean?

This means that this product has either been discontinued by the supplier or is out of stock and is not available until further notice. In this case, the item is automatically removed from your registry to avoid any confusion for your guests, and we will notify you by email, including several handy replacement suggestions for you to consider.

Will you give us a list of what was purchased for us and who purchased each item?

Absolutely. We will provide a list of who bought what when we send you your gifts - including the guests postal address so that you can send out your thank you cards more swifty. If you would prefer to have the list sooner, please contact us to arrange.

Why can't I see the "Buy Now" button on this item?

If you do not see a "Buy Now" button on a product, then this item is only available in the wedding registry section. However, if you absolutely love the item, email us at and we will do our best to get it to you.

Why can't I see the "Add to registry" button on this item?

If you do not see a "Add to Registry" button on a product, then this item is only available in the Shop Now section. However, if you absolutely love the item, email us at and we will see what we can do.

We've got a voucher code, where do we enter it?

All voucher (discount) codes can be entered at the "checkout" before payment is made. Discount codes do not apply to shipping or service costs. If you want to purchase something from the Wedding Gifts section, you wil need to email us at to arrange this.